• Michael Tomsic, 28, Cleveland OH, Libra, Youth: Cleveland Select, Bedford Pride, HS: Orange, College: Marquette University, Food: Kettle corn popcorn, steak(medium rare) mashed potatoes, green beans, Music:Everything except Bluegrass, Awards: All Conference (Cuyahoga County), All State (Ohio, Favorite Soccer Memory:scoring winning pk to send HS team to the State Tournament, best finish in Orange HS history. (continue...)

  • Francisco Borja Moya, 30, Madrid SP, Libra, Youth: Roma FC, Rayo Vallecano, Esperanza, Food: Iberic Ham and Seafood, Music: Reggaeton, Favorite Soccer Memory: Playing at Rayo Vallecano Stadium. (continue...)

  • Jonathan M Arellano, Age: 27, San Jose CA Cancer, Youth: PAC, Real San Jose, HS: Mt. Pleasant, College: EVC, SFSU, Food: Pizza, Music:Bruno Mars, Awards: All League, Memory: Liverpool comeback vs AC Milan in 2004 ECL. (continue...)

  • Paulo Barbosa: Age 31 Salvador BR, Aquarius, Youth: Bahia, Vitória, Palmeiras, Food: Beans and Rice, Music:R&B Samba Awards: Top scorer and assists in Bahia State Champions, Favorite Soccer Memory: Got to practice with the Brazilian National team. (continue...)

  • Nicolas Vargas, 30, Salinas, Capricorn Youth: SV Strikers, Santa Cruz Breakers, HS: Salinas HS, College: UCSB, Food: Buffets, Music: Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Awards: Three time Salinas Valley All-Star, Favorite Soccer Memory: Playing front of thousands of fans with RSJ. (continue...)

  • Angel Heredia, Age: 21, Las Vegas NV, Virgo, Youth:P.A.C, Sporting, Las Vegas Premier, Players Sc, San Jose Earthquakes Academy, U17 National Team, De Anza, HS: Mount Pleasant College: Yavapai, Pima, Food: Pizza, Music:any, Awards: Player of the year at MPHS Favorite Soccer Memory: Anytime family or friends showed up to any of my games. (continue...)

  • Luis Avalos, Age: 21, Pisces Youth: Santa Clara Sporting HS: Mt. Pleasant, Food: Mexican, Music: Banda, Memory: Scoring winning goal for MPHS in CCS playoff match. (continue...)

  • Hoang Pham, 19, San Jose CA, Pisces, Youth: Earthquakes, HS: Evergreen, College: EVC, Food: Mexican, Music:Rap, Awards: All League, Favorite Soccer Memory: Scoring a free kick against Mt. Pleasant in Lovato Cup. (continue...)

  • Omar Sanchez, 25, Pinole Valley CA, Pisces, Youth: Mavericks, HS: Albany, College: SJSU, Food: Pad Tai, Music: Classical, Awards: All League, Favorite soccer memory: Too many to name just one. (continue...)

  • Facundo BenitezFacundo Javier Benitez, 22, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cancer, Youth: Ferro Carril Oeste (Divisionals), HS: Ferro Carril Oeste, William Penn University, Awards: Player of the Week at William Penn University, Four times letter winner at William Penn University, Food: Barbecue, Music: Dancing Music, Memory: Goal in my senior night (continue...)

  • Omar G Munoz, 21, San Jose CA, Cancer, Youth: Necaxa, HS: Independence, Food: Panda Express, Music: Post Malone, Favorite Soccer Memory: "La remontada" Barcelona was losing and they scored 6 goals. (continue...)

  • Andres L Martinez, Age: 21, San Jose, Virgo, Youth: NYSL, MH Fire, NV Warriors, Food: Pizza, Tacos, Music:Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soul-Funk Awards: 2nd Place D2 Cup Favorite Soccer Memory: RSJ Making Playoffs (continue...)

  • Mohanad ElshafieMohanad "Mo Chicago" Elshafie, Age: 33, Sudan, Cancer, College: Red Devils, Awards: A few, Food: Corn flakes, Music: Micheal Jackson. 90s RnB, Memory: Red Devils vs. Devil's Rejects final. (continue...)

  • Casey Jones Steuer, 33, Madison WI, Pisces, Youth: Yaharah SC, Madison 56ers FC, Princeton Club, HS: Lafollette, College: US Coast Guard Academy, Food: Pizza, Music:Bruno Mars, Awards: All Conference in HS, All Conference Newmac, Captain All Navy Team,Favorite Soccer Memory: Scoring in OT to beat MIT in Newmac Playoffs. (continue...)

  • Pedro J Vazquez, 17, San Jose CA, Gemini, Youth: Santa Clara Sporting, HS: Mt. Pleasant, Food: Mexican, Music: Hip Hop, Awards: All League in HS, Favorite Soccer Memory: Leading scorer for MPHS in 2017-18 season. (continue...)

  • Jorge Curiel, 25, San Jose CA, Gemini, HS: San Jose, College: Evergreen Valley, Food: Burritos, Favorite Soccer Memory: Ronaldinho getting a standing ovation in the Santiago Bernabéu after defeating Real Madrid. (continue...)

  • Ousman Jaiteh, May 5, GM, France, Pittsburgh, Taurus, Youth Teams: Lyon Academy, Colleges: LRC-CMU-PPU (Pennsylvania), Awards: All-conference (PPU) and more, Food: Fruits, Gatorade,Salad, Music: Jazz, All music, Favorite Soccer Memory: Watching Brazilian Ronaldo R9 and Zidane at their prime! Helping Point Park University win the conference twice in a row. Coaching 4-12 year old boys and girls soccer(Century United). (continue...)

  • Jonathan Luis Garcia Contreras, 21, San Jose CA, Scorpio, Youth: Mt. Hamilton Atlas/ PAC Atlas, HS: San Jose, College: Evergreen Valley, Awards: Norcal Premier League Champs x2, Food: Italian food, Music: EDM/ hip-hop, Favorite Soccer Memory: Scoring in both playoff college games. (continue...)

  • Jacob Grabowski, 23, Kent WA, Aires, Youth Teams: South County FC, HS: Kentlake, College: Pacific Lutheran University, Food: Tacos, Music: Alternative, hip-hop, Favorite Soccer Memory: Winning the EPLWA (continue...)

  • Jason Meza, 18, San Jose CA, Sagittarius, Youth: Earthquakes, SC Sporting, HS: Mt. Pleasant, Food: Mexican, Music: Hip Hop, Awards: All League, Favorite Soccer Memory: Playing High School CCS and playing in Surf Cup. (continue...)

  • Name: Javier Gonzalez Souto, Age: 25, Hometown: Buenos Aires, Horoscope Sign: Scorpio
    High School Team: International School of Indiana, College: Purdue University, Favorite Food: quesadilla, Favorite Music: trance, Favorite Soccer Memory: scoring a 50 yard chipper for regionals senior year


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