Kevin Grandes

Real San Jose Soccer ClubMy name is Kevin Grandes I am 20 years old, born in Honduras, raised in San Jose. I joined RSJ last season. The first soccer team I ever played on was Chivas (2005-2007) San Jose East Bay Athletic soccer league.

When I was eight years old, started as center-midfielder, we received many trophies and won many leagues. After the season ended a scout came to me and afforded me to play with Santa Clara Sporting (2008-2009). Santa Clara Sporting is where my experience developed as a player. Those 2 seasons I played with Santa Clara we placed. Two First, the 2 tournaments we won are Manteca Football Club(2008) and Ajax Invitational(2009).

After Santa Clara had disbanded, I decided to join August Boeger Middle school soccer team(2010-2011). During the season of 2010, we were undefeated and went to the Championships, where I lead my team to win the Championships making the winning goal. 2011 was another good season for my team again we were undefeated, winning the championship with me making the winning goal.

Furthering my career, I attended Mt. Pleasant High School, which is where I met RSJ coach Nick Arellano. I played for Mt. Pleasant High school soccer team during 2014-2015, which we won 2014 Lovato Cup, League, and CCS Championships. After I had graduated high school I joined Nick and the RSJ team; I am still currently on the team roster.

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