Diego Espinoza

Real San Jose Soccer ClubDiego Espinoza from San Jose, California. 24 years old, born on August 8th, 1992. He started playing soccer for the U-8 Atlas Academy moving up to the U-10 soon afterward. After that, he took a long break from the sport until his high school years at San Jose High. There he played 2 years in JV and 2 years in Varsity. His Junior year he got Most Improved on the team and 2nd Team All-League. His Senior year he got the Coaches Award on the team, 2nd Team All-League once again, Male Soccer Player of the Year for the school, and participation in the league’s Senior Showcase. He was a member of the Evergreen Valley College Men’s Soccer Team in 2011 and 2013, but his participation in college was limited due to some serious injuries in both years. Now in 2017, he is ready to leave his injuries in the past and start fresh from scratch at Real San Jose.

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