Off Season brings opportunities to join Real San Jose

Following the disappointment of not qualifying for the UPS L playoffs, Real San Jose is now looking to bolster the roster, both on and off the field, for the 2018 fall season.

"Every season is a time to start fresh and we need to use this offseason to better prepare for the challenges ahead. This means that we would like to add people to the roster and front office," said RSJ manager Nick Arellano.

Perhaps the largest area of concern is the team roster. RSJ was caught short especially when traveling to away games.

"It is not easy playing on a team like Real San Jose. A player has to be hungry to play the game that he loves. That means improving his craft by going to training and traveling on weekends. We are looking for the type of players that the general public would love to support," said Arellano.

Real San Jose is looking for players who are not currently playing on an official college team. This includes universities and community colleges. The UPSL runs concurrently with college soccer. This is not to mean that players attending college cannot play on Real San Jose. It just means you just can't be on the school team.

"There are so many really good players that are not playing for college teams and the UPSL is the perfect place for these players to keep their game alive," said Arellano.

Real San Jose as front office positions that need to be filled. This is a perfect place for people to build resumes and stay participating in the soccer community.

"We started LIVE streaming our games last season. It is fun and I'm looking for a cameraman, game announcer, and producer. This is the perfect opportunity for people looking to learn how to broadcast live events over the Internet," said Arellano.

there are also a number of other opportunities to get involved. Most positions are for volunteers and some are paid. All are fun and full of soccer. Specific areas of need are game day operations, community involvement, and sales. Contact Real San Jose at 408.766.4775 or

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