Why Real?

RSJ Owner/Manager Nick Arellano explains why San Jose’s UPSL team is called Real San Jose.

Real San Jose Soccer Club

First off I wanted the team to carry the name of our home everywhere we go. Real San Jose does that. So does San Jose United, FC San Jose, and San Jose SC. Now each of those sound like a European knockoff as does Real San Jose, but there is a huge difference.

Now I am not so naive to think that Real San Jose will instantly become the team that masses gravitate to. It is entirely possible that most of our fanbase will consist of friends, relatives, well-wishers, and the curious. I have worked and studied in the San Jose soccer community and did so from a vantage point that few have seen. In publishing Soccer Magic I’ve been promoting the game well before MLS was around. MLS has shown its true colors, and I am tired of watching our great soccer community treated like dirt.

All I am asking for is a chance to see if the theories developed by watching and studying others will prove to be valid. Please give Real San Jose a chance both in name, in the stands, and on the field.

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