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It was a match that should not have been played for a number of reasons and it turned out to have a place in US soccer history as the only official league match played over parts of two days and months. It happened when Real San Jose traveled to visit the El Paso Indios at the beginning of the lower league explosion which saw the number of amateur clubs playing at the national level grow 10 times between 2007 and 2022. Midnight Game is based on the true story of how upstart Real San Jose survived a seemingly doomed road trip from Silicon Valley across the southwest to face the would be National Champion El Paso Indios, who were a true second team to a professional Mexican soccer club. Welcome to the Midnight Game! Click Here to Buy Now!
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Real San Jose Soccer Club

Get ready, Real San Jose faithful! Our road to glory brings us face-to-face with Marin County Union in the heart-stopping NSL Pacific Semi-Final! This is where our unbeaten season gets its ultimate test!

Date: March 2nd
Time: 7:15 PM
Location: Burrell Field, San Leandro

Stand with us under the dazzling lights as we battle for a spot in the finals against the Racing Sacramento vs Yemen United CA semi-final winner, which will be played right before our match!

Real San Jose is coming into this match as the NSL Pacific Playoff 2nd Seed and Marin as the 3rd seed. Last week, Marin defeated San Leandro United 4-0 in the playoff's first round. RSJ had a bye. RSJ last played Marin on October 28, 2023, in a regular season match, playing to a 1-1 draw. Juan Velazquez's goal in the 44th minute put RSJ in the lead, but just when it looked like RSJ would secure a win, Marin's Joseph Ndungu scored from the penalty spot in the 82nd minute.

RSJ will not let their rivals from the North Bay off the hook.

Stand with us under the dazzling lights as we battle for a spot in the finals against the winner of the Racing Sacramento vs Yemen United CA semi-final which will be played right before our match!

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Real San Jose Soccer ClubIn a display of resilience and tactical prowess, Real San Jose (RSJ) overcame the elements and opposition alike in an emphatic 2-0 victory over Yemen United this past weekend. Despite the relentless downpour at MLK Park in Richmond on February 17, 2024, RSJ showcased their tenacity and championship caliber.

As the final whistle echoed, it became clear that this was more than just a win; it was a statement piece that solidified RSJ's position as a dominant force in the league.

Last Match Highlights: Raining Goals at MLK Park

The pivotal moment came in the 62nd minute when Lluis Dolade received a pass from Victor Salgado then pierced through the weather and the defense to put RSJ ahead. His precision strike was not just a game-changer but potentially a season-definer for the San Jose squad.

With the clock winding down, RSJ continued to assert their dominance. The 83rd-minute saw a masterclass in teamwork and execution: Dolade turned provider, sliding a perfect ball to Victor Salguero. What followed was a moment of sheer brilliance as Salguero's assist found Cristian Cruz, who made no mistake from 8 yards out, powering the ball home to seal the deal.

Unbeaten Streak Marches On

The triumph at MLK Park stretches Real San Jose's awe-inspiring unbeaten streak to 23 league matches—a testament to their consistency and indomitable spirit. As the regular season curtain closes, this run of form has certainly laid the groundwork for playoff success.

Preparing for the NSL Pacific Playoffs

Having finished the season impressively in 2nd place, RSJ head into the NSL Pacific playoffs with a tactical advantage—a first-round bye that gives them additional time to refine strategies and nurse any lingering injuries back to optimal playing condition.

The preparations are rooted not just in maintaining fitness and form but also in furthering the cohesion and tactical understanding that have been the cornerstone of RSJ's season. Dave Gold is undoubtedly analyzing potential opponents while also galvanizing the squad with the psychological fortitude needed for knockout football. An area of concern give past playoff and cup performances.

As RSJ sets their gaze on the coveted championship trophy, their dual strengths—strategic depth on the field and a unified team ethos—will be pivotal in navigating the playoff battles ahead.

An Anticipated Return

The 2024 NSL Pacific season can't come soon enough for RSJ supporters eager to witness if RSJ can extend their remarkable streak. Coming off a standout performance and armed with playoff momentum, there is every reason to believe that Real San Jose will be a formidable contender when the new season kicks off this April.

Stay tuned...

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Real San Jose Soccer Club

Real San Jose extended their impressive unbeaten streak to 22 games in the NSL Pacific Conference, securing a commanding 2-0 victory over Richmond Sol.

The clash at MLK Park in Richmond was fast-paced as RSJ created several missed chances in the early exchanges.

The breakthrough came in the 34th minute when Victor Salguero, Real San Jose's dynamic forward, made his mark on the game. It was Juan Vazquez's visionary pass that cut through the Richmond Sol defense like a hot knife through butter, setting Salguero up to break the deadlock. As the second half unfolded, Real San Jose ramped up the pressure. Their persistence paid dividends when Lluis Dolade found himself at the right place at the right time, doubling the lead from close range, cementing RSJ's advantage, and effectively putting the game out of reach for the Sol.

The man between the sticks for Real San Jose, Mark Canepa, was a colossal presence in goal, making a critical save midway through the first half. His acrobatic leap to deny Richmond's 25-yard stinger kept Richmond from stealing the opening goal against the run of play. The defensive trio of Andy Canepa, Juan Tribin, and Teddy Rexing formed an impregnable fortress, thwarting the Richmond Sol attackers and nullifying their offensive threat throughout the match. Their poise under pressure was a testament to RSJ's tactical discipline.

In the heart of the field, the midfield workhorses Yasid Alvarado, Jacob Muniz, and Marlon Marquez covered every bit of turf, showcasing both grit and finesse. They orchestrated the tempo, winning critical challenges and seamlessly transitioning play from defense to attack.

Real San Jose's performance was a statement of intent, a declaration of their unwavering ambition to dominate the NSL Pacific Conference. As the final whistle blew, talk of a second straight unbeaten regular season added a layer of excitement to an already thrilling evening of soccer. Oddly enough, this is only the second victory of the season, as the other four matches ended in draws. RSJ needs a victory over Yemen United to secure 2nd in the NSL standing and a first-round bye in the playoffs. That is at MLK Park on February 17th.

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