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It was a match that should not have been played for a number of reasons and it turned out to have a place in US soccer history as the only official league match played over parts of two days and months. It happened when Real San Jose traveled to visit the El Paso Indios at the beginning of the lower league explosion which saw the number of amateur clubs playing at the national level grow 10 times between 2007 and 2022. Midnight Game is based on the true story of how upstart Real San Jose survived a seemingly doomed road trip from Silicon Valley across the southwest to face the would be National Champion El Paso Indios, who were a true second team to a professional Mexican soccer club. Welcome to the Midnight Game! Click Here to Buy Now!
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Real San Jose Soccer Club

On June 3, 2023, at Pinole Valley High School, league-leaders Real San Jose took on Bay Area Force in a captivating showdown of National Soccer League's (NSL) Pacific Conference. Coming into the match, Real San Jose held an impressive record of 5 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses, placing them firmly at the top of the table.

The starting lineup for Real San Jose was: Goalkeeper Charly Fuentes; Defenders Jacob Muniz, Andy Canepa, Teddy Rexing, Juan Tribin; Midfielders Cristian Cruz, Carlos Munoz, Yasid Alvarado, Hyago Galdino, Nico Mendez; and Striker Lluis Dolade. Substitutes on hand included Juan Velzaques, Carlos Tabora, Darnel Alvarado, Angel Moreno, Denis Sorto, and Hector Herrera.

Real San Jose quickly signaled their intentions with a goal from Lluis Dolade in the 20th minute, assisted by Nico Mendez. They doubled their lead within just four minutes as Jacob Muniz hammered home a 30-yard free-kick blast. The first half saw Real San Jose dominating possession by keeping the ball mostly on the ground, in contrast to Bay Area Force's approach of sending numerous high balls forward.

As the second half began, Bay Area Force pushed forward with enthusiasm, eventually getting on the scoreboard thanks to Oscar Lopez in the 60th minute. The goal sparked the game into a frantic pace, and despite a temporary defensive focus, Real San Jose ultimately responded by kicking into another gear. Their efforts paid off with two more goals from Dolade in the 80th minute (assisted by Yasid Alvarado) and Darnel Alvarado in the 87th minute to cement their victory.

The turning points in the game were Bay Area Force's goal in the 60th minute, which kicked off a more aggressive tempo, and Dolade's crucial 80th-minute goal that helped secure the win for Real San Jose. RSJ's success now puts them in an even stronger position in the NSL Pacific Conference, boasting a formidable record of 6 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses with an astounding 36 goals scored and only 5 conceded.

RSJ Coach Dave Gold reflected on the performance, saying, "Hard game well fought by both teams 9 yellow cards and 2 Red cards says a lot!!!! But class came through in the for a comfortable WIN."

With only 2 games remaining in the regular season, Real San Jose will face off against Yemen United CA on June 10 at PAL Stadium, 7:00 PM. This clash against similarly undefeated Yemen could very well determine who takes home the title, making it a must-watch for all soccer enthusiasts.

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Real San Jose Soccer Club

On the night of May 20, 2023, soccer fans came to PAL Stadium for an electrifying match between two formidable teams, Real San Jose and Junction 29. From the get-go, the atmosphere was enhanced by new Real San Jose soundtracks, and the energy only amplified as the match progressed.

## Pre-game

Real San Jose entered the game with an impressive 5 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses, placing them first in the NSL Pacific, while Junction 29 held a record of 2 wins, 0 ties, and 3 losses. RSJ players looked around to see who would replace unavailable NSL Pacific scoring leader Lluis Dolade as the main scoring threat.

## Match Highlights

All doubts disappeared, as Real San Jose's Hector Herrera scored twice in the 12th and 35th minutes, thanks to exceptional assists by Francisco Avila. Avila then upped the ante by scoring in the 40th minute, carrying the team to a halftime score of 3-0 in favor of the home team.

Real San Jose was able to keep control in the second half. Yasid Alvardo blasted in a header goal in the 66th minute off a cross-back header from Andy Canepa. What followed was a goal-scoring parade by Real San Jose's substitutes Timony Hayes and Darnel Alvarado as they racked up the tally, scoring in the 82nd, 83rd, and 85th minutes. Moreover, substitutes Nico Mendez, a midfielder, and Armando Limón, a defender, made impressive debuts, enhancing the overall strength of San Jose's squad. Pedro Hernandez was able to score for Junction 29 in the 87th minute. That goal kept Real San Jose from earning a 4th straight shutout. Still, RSJ impressively claimed their 4th straight victory with a final score of 7-1.

## Post-match

In the post-game, Real San Jose coach Dave Gold said, "Brilliant performance by the team last night. What really pleased me was the depth of the squad that we can go to the bench winning 3-0 and add four more goals. That, as a coach, makes it very exciting for me because players now have to fight for their places. No one can sit back and expect to be a starter. Real San Jose's got not just a great team; we got a great squad."

## Upcoming Matches

Real San Jose will continue to face more rivals in the NSL Pacific as they gear up for an away game against Bay Area Force on June 3, followed by their next home game against Yemen United on June 10. You have to see this Real San Jose team play!

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Real San Jose Soccer Club

Real San Jose solidified their position at the top of the NSL Pacific Conference by demolishing Vallejo Rising in a one-sided 9-0 encounter on May 13, 2023 at Dan Foley Park. Lluis Dolade and Francisco Avila led the charge as they scored 5 goals between them, while also providing assists to rule the evening.

The match began with Real San Jose displaying their high-intensity gameplay, and it didn't take long for RSJ to find their feet. The first goal came in the 17th minute when Lluis Dolade took a perfect pass from Juan Velazquez before calmly slotting it past the goalkeeper. The floodgates opened shortly after, with Velazquez getting his name on the score sheet in the 26th minute.

The goals kept coming for Real San Jose as they completely dominated the match. Cristian Cruz joined the party in the 45th minute, followed by a tap-in from Hector Herrera at 45+. Dolade scored his second goal in the 48th minute, and Francisco Avila found the back of the net three times in quick succession. Avila also set up Cruz's second goal of the evening in the 65th minute.

Real San Jose fans were delighted with the performance put in by their players, particularly Dolade and Avila. Goalkeepers Irvin Cardoza and Manny Palomo each played one half, contributing to the clean sheet.

This win maintains Real San Jose's position at the top of the NSL Pacific Conference with a record of 4 wins, 1 tie, and 0 losses.

Real San Jose looks to keep their unbeaten streak going in their upcoming match against Junction 29 on May 20, taking place at PAL Stadium with a 7 pm kickoff. Fans will certainly have high expectations after witnessing an extraordinary show from their team. The club's U18 squads will start the evening festivities with a match starting at 5:15 pm.

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