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It was a match that should not have been played for a number of reasons and it turned out to have a place in US soccer history as the only official league match played over parts of two days and months. It happened when Real San Jose traveled to visit the El Paso Indios at the beginning of the lower league explosion which saw the number of amateur clubs playing at the national level grow 10 times between 2007 and 2022. Midnight Game is based on the true story of how upstart Real San Jose survived a seemingly doomed road trip from Silicon Valley across the southwest to face the would be National Champion El Paso Indios, who were a true second team to a professional Mexican soccer club. Welcome to the Midnight Game! Click Here to Buy Now!
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Thrilled to hear you're curious about the San Jose PAL competitive soccer program! Let me highlight the exciting details you've been waiting for.

Get ready for some thrilling soccer action as San Jose PAL joins forces with Real San Jose of the National Soccer League, creating a dynamic and competitive program!

Our "startup" squad goes head-to-head with U18 boys teams from various NSL Pacific Conference clubs! Feel the anticipation build as most matches kick off before Real San Jose NSL Pacific clashes. With PAL Stadium as our home turf, you can also join us on thrilling adventures to other Bay Area cities for some high-energy away games. There are plans to create an official NSL Pacific League; however, that may or may not fill up in time for this spring/summer season. Even the youth league is in "startup" mode.

Creating an official NSL Pacific League is in the works, and it just might kick off this spring/summer season. That means we will either play a series of exhibition matches or in an NSL Pacific Conference organized competition. Either we will be playing highly competitive games as some of the best U18 players in Northern California will take the field.

For just $35, players get San Jose PAL membership, and Real San Jose provides the uniforms and equipment needed to run the team. Players handle their own travel expenses to games in nearby Bay Area cities. Occasional special events and tournaments might incur extra charges for those keen on participating. Don't worry, though - game-day admissions and sponsorships take care of everything else!

So what will playing on this team be like? Players will report to training, ready to play, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM. Then the coaches will select the players that will play in the games. That simple.

You must understand that this is a competitive team. There is no guarantee of being selected to play in any game. Players will go to training to compete for a spot on the game roster. We will do our best to create game opportunities for all players, but we can not promise that will happen. The best way to represent San Jose on the game field is to earn your spot in training.

We plan to have a player pool of 25 players from which we will select players for any particular game. 

The players in this program will get a taste of what playing in a competitive environment is all about. This experience will help players prepare for college, amateur, and professional programs.

Special note: This is the beginning, and we will grow this program based on interest. If you are a coach that would like to create a competitive, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, and we will explore the opportunity. This includes the possibility of building adult and youth women's teams.

Sign up for nonrefundable registration at the link below.

Real San Jose Soccer Club

Real San Jose secured an impressive 12-0 victory against Norcal Shockwaves at PAL Stadium on January 21st. This dominant performance was fueled by Hector Herrera and Patrik Sofalvi, who each scored four goals, while Francisco Avila contributed two of his own to the team's success. Further highlights included Teddy Rexing and Jacob Muniz netting one goal apiece in a statement win for RSJ that has them currently occupying 3rd place with only one more game until NSL Pacific playoffs commence! #nsl #realsanjose #rsj #nslpacific #nationalsoccerleague

Real San Jose Soccer Club

Real San Jose's 2-1 victory over previously unbeaten Junction 29 was a very competitive road match played at American Canyon High School on Novemember 13. RSJ built a 2-0 halftime lead and came away with the victory as J29 scored in the final minutes. Hector Herrera scored close range after receiving a nice setup pass from Alejandro Arreola and JP Tribenbo second RSJ goal.

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